Kitchen Vacuum Food Sealer With 10PCS Seal Bags

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Home Vacuum Food Sealer Packing Machine 110V 220V With 10PCS Food Seal Bags And Hose

Package Included

1 PC * Vacuum Sealer Machine(According to the model you order)

10 PC * Bags (Size : 5 pcs 12*20cm, 5pcs 20*25cm)

1 PC * Hose

1 PC * English User Manual


1. The machine couldn’t vacuum liquid packed in bags, could vacuum sealing wet food with little moisture.

For liquid, could put them in the container then vacuum.

2. The machine should used with special bags when vacuum sealing, normal bags just could be sealed but not vacuumed.

Please check and choose the right Volts and Plug for your country.


Vacuum & Seal Button

1.Press to automatically vacuum and seal the food in an airtight environment.

2.Press to pause the vacuum and seal process.

Seal Button

1. Press to seal the bag automatically.

2. Press to immediately stop the vacuum process.

Mode Button(Standard or Soft)

1.When “Normal Mode” is selected, the device will continue vacuuming and will not activate the seal function.

2.When “Gentle Mode” is selected, the device will stop vacuuming when the vacuum degree has been reached and will active the seal function automatically.

Food Button

There are two modes: dry food and wet food. The sealing time varies according to which setting is in use.

Pulse Pump Button

Press to vacuum manually to the preferred vacuum degree and release to stop vacuuming.


Start-up default for Dry mode, which is conventional seal mode and the light indicator is blue; press the mode button of”Dry/Moist”, the machine would change to wet mode, the color of indicator turns yellow this time.


Press this button to vacuumize, release this button stop working.

Vacuum Seal

Press the button to vacuum, seal and shut off automatically, and the breathing Light would flash long time when working(if start vacuum again, please await more than 30seconds)


Press this button to stop all the operation

Power indicator

When vacuum seal, the indicator flashes; when the work is finish, the indicator goes out and return to the breathing state after 5 seconds.

Canister button

Press this button to automatically finish the canister vacuuming function, if it’s working, press this button to stop the operation.


1.Open the cover of the appliance by pressing the buttons on both sides of the machine.

2.Place the open end of the bag flat on the machine’s bag clippers, and close the lid.

3.Press the cover with two hands at the same time, when you hear “click”, the lock

latch has been securely closed.

4.Select the action button to select the required action.

5.After the operation is completed, press the”Release” button on both sides of the appliance.

Open the lid and remove the sealed item.

When running with the “Seal” function, the opening of the bag should be placed between sealing

strip and heating wire.

Care & Cleaning

1. When the machine is not in use, close the lid but do not lock the latch.

2. Before cleaning the appliance, make sure the power is off. Wipe it with a damp cloth or wet paper.

After cleaning, ensure it is fully dry.

3. Do not put the machine in water or rinse it under the faucet.

4. Air dry the sealing sponge after cleaning. Do not place it under any pressure as this may change the shape

of the sponge and prevent it from further use.

5. If the appliance malfunctions, unplug it immediately and troubleshoot the cause.

6. Make sure the inside and outside of the appliance are completely dry before use.

Additional information

Brand Name

White Dolphin




Stand / Table

With Vacuum Bag


Sealing Length


Power Source


20 reviews for Kitchen Vacuum Food Sealer With 10PCS Seal Bags

  1. M***K

    Fantastic vacuum sealer machine, seller good ,successful experience recommend it

  2. B***a

    The vacuum sealer works fine, packed was well in the box did not hang out, came in intact, everything corresponds to the description, fast delivery, the seller communicates, good seller. thanks to the seller

  3. M***k

    Order received. Delivery by courier. Packaging is excellent.

  4. O***r

    Works great. It is very convenient that the liquid drains into the tray, which is easy to wash. everything is fine!!!

  5. AliExpress Shopper

    include marker and knife for storage bag roll. recommend

  6. O***Y

    Very quickly came the goods, for 6 days. Packed well, all whole. everything works. The product corresponds to the declared parameters.

  7. A***n

    Delivery is very fast. The device works well. Happy.

  8. M***v

    Delivered cdecom quickly from russia 4 days before krasnodar in hand by courier. The quality of the plastic is good, though the tube smells, but i think everything will fade. In the work has not yet checked how to check immediately leave feedback! Only that i did not understand why the marker is metallized, maybe a gift 🙂

  9. E***t

    Good packer for your money. I can not compare with others, but this one is quite satisfied, pumping normally, sealing remarkably, simple and effective. Delivered quickly by sdek, days for 5, all whole

  10. A***n

    The vacuum cleaner arrived in 5 days. Works great. Ordered complete with 3rd films of different widths. Many thanks to the seller and i recommend to buy from him!

  11. O***a

    The vacuum is good. The courier brought home. Checked, everything works. Vacuum carrot, liked the process. Useful thing for home seller thank you!!!

  12. D***v

    Hello, everybody! The device is qualitatively executed, its function performs, the seam is durable and neat. Such a solid, rather heavy unit. With the seller did not correspond, i can not say anything, but sent everything quickly, packed well, thank him. Bought complete with bags. I took for cooking meat sauce wade, for steaks. Steaks get fire!

  13. s***o

    very nice product. only user manual is missing but it’s fine as the user video is available at website

  14. G***v

    The packer smells very much, not made of food plastic!!! In three days did not fade. For this i reduce the score. The quality of the plastic itself and the manufacture is normal. Packing well, sealed seam 3mm. Can pack wet products, because. There is a removable bath for liquid. Delivery from russia is fast.

  15. c***o

    Apparently excellent operation! The seal is perfect!

  16. V***v

    The device was impressed. Before that i took a cheap one. The difference is of course day and night. Excellent packing wet products. The temperature of the heating element is enough for sealing, even if the package is wet, which is important for packing, for example, fresh fish. 3 days delivery to st. petersburg

  17. V***v

    Vacuum sealer delivered very quickly. corresponds to the description, although the pictures show the knife and for it there is a place but forgot to put. the work checked packaging is no worse than what you see on the shelves of the store. Packed soundly for this separate +.

  18. R***e

    Very good quality, nice design and fast dispatch.

  19. J***a

    Work properly

  20. a***i


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