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Asiento Kanepe Recliner Couch

Little things. They make home feel like home. Feeling safe, warm and comfortable. The right furniture will make you happier and it will be the details that make the difference.


Ultimate Comfort by Design

To create true comfort takes time. It takes the perfect combination of seat angles, back angles, filling choices and springs to make sofas more comfortable by design.


Modern Cloth Art Tiger Chair

A perfect combination of modularity, craftsmanship and refined design, we bring refined furniture to every living area, enhanced by precious details and exceptional comfort.

£229.71 – £1,210.82

It’s about paying less and getting more

At, we believe good value is about paying less and getting more. That means we don’t believe in endless promotions - instead, we offer our lowest prices all year round. We add the little things to every product we sell so that you can truly feel the difference.